The lesser price food may contain sub-par ingredients

The question of what to feed your pets can be as sensitive as questions of politics and religion. There are many camps of thought on proper nutrition and diet advocating just as many thoughts, facts and theories. One solution is simply by cost. If the owner does not have the ability to pick and choose what he believes to be the best then has to buy what is available for the price in the budget. The economic approach seems sensible when price is the key but it may not be the best for the pet. The lesser price food may contain sub-par ingredients and then the dog may face ensuing medical treatment while the owner is faced with the vet bill. Possibly both of these situations can be avoided by better choice of pet food ingredients.

The canned, dry and moist foods found on most grocery store shelves (the generic or store brand) are not considered to be among the best foods for your animal. The brands can be full of ingredients that are of lower quality and expense. russian grocery Just as you would for your human food it has become necessary to educate yourself concerning nutritional value available in the various forms and values of pet food.

Many people find that their dog is delighted with these lower quality foodstuffs. Again it is necessary to become educated as to the cause of this delight. Many lower grade brands have been treated with chemicals to create a pleasant odor, color or taste. While it is sometimes difficult to look past those big brown eyes of your pet begging for the pleasing smell you are ill advised to feed him with drying agents, coloring agents or texturizers that are not nutritional for him. Educate yourself with the names of these types ingredients and you will not find yourself feeding them to your four-legged friend.

And so we come to the premium foods offering higher grade ingredients that are free of the harmful chemical additives. Your education into nutritional value and chemical ingredients can lead you to the better quality of these foods. However you will find yourself backed into a financial corner when you begin to feed your pets at the increased prices. Looking at the poor quality of the lower price and higher price of the good quality foods and you will probably find yourself investigating the preparation of your dogs food at your home.

The option of “home-brewing” your animals food has become more and more attractive over the last few years as it allows for the owners to directly control that which ends up in the food dish. However, feeding your dog freshly prepared foodstuffs is not a license to have the animal dining on the leftovers from the families Thanksgiving turkey dinner. Just as the label on commercial food indicates you need to research and know how to arrive at the proper balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates for your friend. If you can arrive at a equation including this balance that is within your budget then you are well on your way to giving your dog a healthier and longer lifetime.

Of course you can glean the internet for various recipes and dietary styles for any and all dogs. Again, you need to research and educate yourself as to what you are sticking into Fido’s dish. There is no reason to give him freshly prepared foods if they are not properly nutritive. And of course if you miss on the equation you might be throwing your money into a home-made money pit rather than a commercial one.

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