Platinum SEO for All Your Optimization Needs

In the competitive world of Internet, hundreds of thousands of online businesses, websites and blogs are sprouting like mushrooms everyday-making the World Wide Web saturated with sites and pages that need to be indexed. On the other hand, online users are bombarded with so many websites and blogs to choose from. If you own a blog or a site and you want to land on top of the search results, then you must have the Platinum SEO plug-in.

Platinum SEO  รับทำ seo ราคาถูก Pack is a WordPress SEO plug-in that was developed by Rajesh. It was designed to become the improved version of the All-in-One SEO Pack which is another popular SEO plug-in for WP. This plug-in automates your blog’s optimization process and provides a powerful on-site SEO tool to make your WP website more visible in the search results made by different search engines.

People who are using the All-in-One SEO plug-in can shift to Platinum SEO pack with ease because the latter automatically imports prior settings. The SEO Pack is also compatible with many other WordPress plug-ins such as Ultimate Tag Warrior, Auto Meta and many more.

What does the Platinum SEO Pack do?

– Creates SEO-friendly meta-tags automatically
– Screens out your website’s duplicate content
– Employs the best SEO practices
– Allows addition of meta-descriptions and meta-keywords to any part of the site
– Allows changes in permalinks without loss in page rank
– Allows users to add metadata
– Offers a number of SEO features such as noindex, follow or nofollow, add index, noarchive, nosnippet and many more.
– Free to use WordPress SEO plug-in
– Downloadable plug-in which is available in different languages for the convenience of users
– Improves the optimization score of your site or blog

What are the things Platinum SEO can’t do?

– This plug-in doesn’t work smoothly with earlier versions of WorPress.
– Dynamic generation of keywords for posts and pages
– Capitalization of category titles
– Specification of a list of pages to exclude from the optimization process

How does a person install Platinum SEO Pack Plug-in?

You don’t need rocket science to be able to install the Platinum SEO plug-in. You can search for the plug-in on your WordPress dashboard and install just like any other plug-in you have used before. You can unzip the contents and upload them to the directory in your blog’s “wp-content/plugins/directory” with the FTP client or log into the blog admin, go to Plugins management and upload the zip file directly through the “Add New=> Upload” option. When the plug-in is finally installed, go to the main “installed” plug-ins table and click the “Activate” link. Voila! You’re done!


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