Second Hand Clothes Are Right

You may in the past have turned up your nose at second hand clothes in favour of the latest fashion from the high street. Perhaps it is the idea of rummaging through stacks of old musty clothes at a car boot sale, jumble sale or charity shop that has put you off. But second hand clothes are now right on trend and there are plenty of good reasons to buy them.

Buying new clothes all of the time to satisfy your desire for a constantly changing selection of clothes in si do si nguyen kien your wardrobe can be very damaging for the environment. Buying second hand clothes is a good way to get your fashion fix but also do your bit for the environment at the same time.

‘But second clothes are not as nice as new stuff’, I hear you muttering. Well that is where you are wrong. It may take a little while to find it but there are plenty of very lovely second hand clothes around some of them hardly worn. Just recently I got myself a very nice Burberry Prorsum safari style top for just £4. It was in perfect condition, it did not smell and it was a lot better quality than anything that I could have bought new for ten times this price. I was delighted to see that the sleeves were lined, the seams finished with bias binding. I quite often wander around the high street shops to have a look and am constantly amazed at the low quality of some of the clothes that I find. Perhaps once in my teenage years I could have got away with poorly made clothes in bad quality materials but I have found as I have got a little older that quality clothes look so much better.

‘But second hand clothes are all out of fashion and frumpy’ is another objection that you may hear to buying second hand clothes. Well I don’t think that is the case at all. Firstly because the same fashions tend to come round and round again season after season. Take floral prints, nautical style clothes and sixties style mini dresses. All of these trends have been seen on the catwalks numerous times of the last 10 years. Even my safari style Burberry Prorsum top happens to be right on trend as safari was listed by the top fashion magazines as a key trend this year.

When getting dressed I prefer to be stylish than fashionable anyway. In the words of the late Yves St Laurent ‘ fashion fades, only style remains’. By buying second hand clothes I can afford to buy really good quality classic clothes that never really go out of fashion and that can perhaps be accessorized with a few of the seasons accessories although I prefer a few quirky and different second hand accessories myself.

Trends and fashions change constantly but wearing the latest fashion does not mean that you look good. Woman seem to have found a new confidence in the clothes that they wear lately and are daring to be individual and wear what really suits them. Second hand clothes are great for experimenting with new looks and finding great quality at the fraction of the price it would cost new.

How Is The Right Equipment Necessary To Improve Golf Game?

Every sport requires a set of equipment, in order to play it. A player chooses his or her equipment based on his or her level of expertise. This is the way most sportsmen progress. However, golf is slightly different in this aspect. Picking up just any other equipment will not work. Golf is a game of precision and concentration because of which, the right quality equipment is of utmost importance. So, how is the right equipment necessary to improve golf game?

In short, the right equipment can be trusted to perform the same way each and every time it is used. Choices Hack However, poor quality equipment, especially the ones available right off the rack are made from low grade material and not tested for performance. Owing to the lack of care during its manufacturing, these equipments cannot be trusted to perform the same every time they are used. Think of the golf ball, a small object, but, a vital component of the golf game. If it is of sub-grade quality, the flight of the ball shall not be as it should, causing miss hits and what not. If this can be the case with such small objects, just imagine what poor grade clubs can do! Hence, the importance of right equipment to improve golf game is insurmountable.

The equipment to improve golf game starts right from the bag. A lightweight, waterproof bag, one that sits up right when put on the ground is a good choice for heavy-duty use. Not only shall it be easy to carry and durable but also perform its task the best, protecting the equipments from the weather and external factors. As discussed earlier, golf balls are vital to improve golf game.

A soft-cored ball is a great choice for putting while one with a hard outer shell is great for driving off the tee. This is because, while putting, one needs care and precision, while driving mandates maximum flight and therefore, distance travelled. Using branded golf equipments are therefore, of utmost importance to improve golf game.

The clubs are the critical component in the bag of accessories for golf. This is the one section that cannot be rushed. Here the common adage, “slow and steady” works wonders. Do not be astonished or disappointed that the first set of clubs you bought turned out to be wrong for you. It happens with all initially. As one develops a taste and preference for particular types and makes.

Analysis – Focus on Characters

EVERY story has at least two essential elements: a central character and a problem. The problem is of course called the ‘conflict’. Conflict is the collision between two opposing ‘motivations’. The conflict is what drives the story forward and what essentially causes the changes in the main characters. The conflict can be between:

  1. A character and nature – a story of survival against all odds [think 127 Hours]
  2. Two characters – the good guy/bad guy stories [think James Bond]
  3. Two sides of a single character – a decision that must be made, a character flaw that gets one in trouble [think Contents of a Dead Man’s Pocket]
  4. A character and society – a person going against the mo thay ban chet assumptions and demands of his or her society [think Titanic]
  5. A character and the supernatural – resisting ghosts and the occult [think True Blood]
  6. A character and technology – the fight against the evils of over-mechanization [think Transformers]
  7. A character and destiny – a human struggle for personal free will despite fate and expectations [think Macbeth]

Types of Characters

In order to be able to discuss the characters in a piece of literature and compare characters from more than one work, we need some vocabulary to use in describing them. There are many different terms used for this, covering all sorts of details about the characters. Here are the three most important aspects of literary characterization you need to understand.

Round vs. Flat

Some characters in a story we get to ‘know’ well. We learn what they look like, their backstories [history before the narrative opens], even what they want and why they do what they do. Usually these are the most important characters, for sure, but not always. Any character we learn much about is called ’round’. Other characters who inhabit the story without letting us get to know them well are called flat.

It is very unusual to have a flat character as one of the main characters. Some depth of characterization is absolutely necessary if we are to learn to care about a character very much! On the other hand, we don’t NEED to know the motivation of a character that enters the story only briefly.

Dynamic vs. Static

All great stories are about change – things learned, characters refined, decisions made. You can be assured that your most important characters are dynamic – they change or cause change in others. Static characters, in contrast, do not change. Static characters have their places, but are almost never the central character[s] in the story.

Look for changes in characters, and the REASONS for those changes, and you will find the essential points of the story.


There are some characters we know enough about JUST because of their profession – the prissy librarian, the jovial barkeep, the sweet granny, the serious judge. These stereotypical ‘Stock’ characters are very useful in story writing – they don’t need a lot of description.

A developed character is one that the writer builds, sometimes beginning with a stock character, but then going deeper, farther into his personality and motivations. Quite often unexpected facets added to a stock character make for delightful, fascinating people in a tale.

Major Characters


The protagonist [or occasionally protagonists] is our central, sympathetic character. To figure out which IS the protagonist, ask yourself two simple questions:

  1. Whose story IS it? Which character matters most to us? Who do we care the most about?
  2. Which character makes the fateful decision or takes the fateful action that brings the conflict to climax [and then inevitably to resolution]?

When analyzing this character be sure to make notes about the following:

  • Motivation – What does the protagonist want/need/have to achieve?
  • Conflict – What is in the way? What does the protagonist THINK is in the way?
  • Changes – How does the protagonist change – physically and/or in personality?
  • Decisions – Which decision[s] was/were pivotal to the climax?


The antagonist is the character, or force that opposes then motivation of the protagonist. Record these things as you analyze:

  • Description
  • Personality [if there is one]
  • Motivation[s]

Android Apps for Mobile

Android as an operating system for mobile devices was introduced in late 2008 and soon after its introduction, it gained widespread acceptance in the tech and developers community.

The process of development of Android apps started accelerating at an impressive pace due to its open source nature since this opened doors for the third-party freelance developers.

Eventually, Android has become the most popular operating system for the mobile devices and at present and its market share is second only after iOS.

At present, there are more than 500,000 apps in the Android market and new applications are being developed at an impressive rate. Although Android still has a long way to go before it catches up with Apple app store, still the rate of application development in Android has surpassed that of app development in iOS.

Other than Google’s own developers, Android apps are also being developed by third-party developers since Android is an open source operating system and this gives it a clear edge over iOS.

Android market is stocked with applications covering all fields of life from education and science apps to medical and traveling apps. Some of the most important educational applications in Android market include NASA app, U.S Presidents, Kids Numbers and Math Lite, Kid TV, Kids Shape Puzzle etc.

These applications focus on providing education to kids through fun and friendly channels. In the category of Business & finance, we have such helpful apps as Business Travel, Card Scanner, Commercial Real Estate, Expenses, Inventory and Payment Processing.

These applications are perfect companions during business meetings and trips and help to manage the payments and transactions efficiently.

For music lovers, Android market once again offers a variety of apps to take care of their music taste. Pandora Internet Radio is a very famous app which is also present in Apple app store. This app was developed by third-party developers and provides you an easy access to a variety of online music channels.

Other than that, we have several other music apps such as Audiogalaxy Music, Amazon MP3, Winamp, PowerAMP Music Player, Slacker Radio and several others. Any app store is incomplete without scores of exciting and thrilling games and on this front once again, Android has a lot to offer to its users.

The games developed for Android have increased to an impressive number in a very limited time due to the interest of third-party developers. Some of the most popular games that have been developed for Android so far include Robo Defense, Live Holdem Poker Pro, Fruit Ninja, Doodle Jump, Sudoku Free, iRunner, Angry Birds, Abduction! 2, Star Legends and many more. These games are categorized under the appropriate categories so that users are able to choose them according to their taste.

The demand of Android based phones in the market is constantly increasing and with this increasing demand, need to develop more Android apps is also increasing. Android is attracting the attention of young developers through out the world because of its being open source. This popularity is constantly increasing at the moment and it is expected that within a few years, Android would take the position of iOS as the most widely used OS for mobile devices.

A Truck Rental Service

If you run a business where you regularly need to move large volumes of cargo inland from one place to another, you would need a large fleet of trucks to accomplish the job. However, owning and maintaining a fleet is a major undertaking, which requires time, effort and money. It is often easier and more efficient to hire a truck rental service to move your cargo. This will help you focus on your specialty instead of worrying about owning and maintaining a fleet of trucks. Here are a few important things to look for when you hire a truck rental service.

1. First of all, have a clear understanding of the type and quantity of trucks you would need for your business. Check to see if the truck rental service has a sufficient number of chuyen phat nhanh trucks with the exact specifications that you require for transporting your cargo. Physically inspect the trucks to see if they meet your standards. The service should have a modern fleet of vehicles maintained in a very good condition.

2. Look for a truck rental service that offers immediate replacement vehicles in case one of the vehicles breaks down. This is an extremely important requirement as delivering consignments on time is crucial to running a business efficiently.

3. If your company has a number of branches in different cities, find out if the service has branches in or close to those cities as well. This would be extremely helpful for logistics purposes. In case there is a breakdown, the rental service would be able to send backup support as quickly as possible.

4. Have a clear understanding of insurance policies to know in advance what is covered under the policy in case there is an accident and damage to the goods. Different states and countries have different policies, and it is always wise to have a clear understanding of these matters before hand.

5. Go for a service which offers full maintenance leasing. Maintaining a fleet of trucks could be a very painstaking and expensive process. You need to hire a service which offers maintenance for the trucks as well. This will free you to concentrate on your business rather than being bothered with the upkeep of the trucks.

These are a few of the important points that you need to look into, while hiring a truck rental service. Remember that your business would only be as good as the infrastructure that supports it. Therefore, go for an experienced and reputed truck rental service near you.

Finding The Right House Plan For Your Home Building Project

Investing in property is a challenge most people face during their life. When you are finally in a position to be building your dream home, you want to make sure you have all the right details. Financing your investment, checking the figures on your costs and return, negotiating over price and signing all the necessary legal documents can be a big challenge! Dealing with banks and organising the repayments on your mortgage is sometimes just the beginning though, especially if you are looking at building. Fortunately, there are a few ways to make the building process easier.

When building a home using house builders in the area you want to live, there are a few different ways of doing things. Finding an architect and sitting down to plan out your future home is one option. Working through your wants and needs for your house with somebody who has the experience and know how to design something that suits. Taking on the extra expense of an architect is a cost you should be willing to take on; having a home that is designed specifically for you will give a much greater sense of value when you are living in it. Some house builders have architects on their teams who are more than ready to help design your dream home.

Some people find that the most desirable option is to look at the standard plan houses that your home building company has. It takes less time than getting a design done and you can rest assured that the house builders know what they are doing with the build. Most home building companies will have a standard plan house that suits your needs. Once you have found a reputable construction company to work with, you then will need to assess their collection of house plans. Knowing that the house plans บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน before you have been tried and tested can be quite reassuring, especially if you have a set budget for building costs. Most companies will allow you to tweak current designs to personalise them to your own tastes and lifestyle needs.

You should consider a range of house design styles at the planning and ideas creation stage. A worthwhile building company should have a series of designs for you to check out, with house designs that cater to those looking for the latest in contemporary architecture, to those seeking a more classic, traditional house layout.

Freelance Writers: How to Add Social Media to Your Freelance Writing Business

Are you a struggling writer who is looking to increase their profits? But, it seems like no matter what you do, or no matter how hard you try, you still can’t get a steady client base. Well, what if I told you can increase your writer’s income by not writing at all? Well, now you can, and I’ll tell you my personal story so you can find out how to stop marketing writing services and get more work.

About a year ago, I was marketing my SEO Writing Services. I would go networking, direct mail, direct email, and even go to job boards to get writing work. I was getting some writing projects but not at a steady pace to help me support my lifestyle. I was frustrated. I was doing all the leg work and no response, while all my colleagues were making a killing online. At first, I thought it was my writing skills, but after doing some research, I found out that it certainly wasn’t my writing skills.

How I started to Offer Social Networking Services

The #1 reason why I started offering Social Networking was because everyone was asking for it. I knew about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. In fact, I was already on these sites to get clients for my writing services- little did I know that businesses actually pay people to do the same. So, when I would go out marketing my writing services, I would get questions like: Do you know how to use Facebook & Twitter? Are you familiar with Facebook & Twitter, etc.? I said yes, and the rest was history!

In the beginning, I knew the technical aspects of Social Media, how to set-up a fan page on Facebook, FBML, etc, etc. At first people started cutting me checks for an hour of my time, they wanted to sit down with me so I could show them how to upload a photo, post a comment, add a friend, etc. Shortly after I showed some prospects how to master social media, they realized it would be too much on their plate, so they asked me can I just do it for them. That’s how I got the title Social Media Manager, and the rest is history from there. I know actively manage 7 accounts, and I have 1 part-time employee to help me.


How Can You Start Offering This Lucrative Service

Social Media Manager is one of the most demanded jobs in the world. So many people are jumping on the band wagon and calling themselves Social Experts over night. But, what you must understand is that Social Media is much more than posting a status update; it’s about building relationships. That’s what separates the real from the fake, the ones who understand that Social Media is about building rapport and connection is the ones who are going to make it in the Social Media game. Here are a few pointers of how you can stand out from the crowd:

Everyone Loves Click Funnel

There are a lot of different topics within the field of internet marketing. This can make it understandably hard for a newbie to start working as a marketer online. A lot of people who are in internet marketing assume that everyone understands some of the most basic concepts. That’s not always the case, especially when it comes to the sales funnel. Most newbies don’t understand what a sales funnel is, as well as how it applies to them.

We could go into a big discussion that really confuses you, but instead we’ll explain it in much easier to understand terms. Think of a regular funnel, like the one you may use to put oil into your car. The funnel has a narrow end and a clickfunnels promo code big end. You pour things into the big end and they come out into the narrow end.

Easy enough to understand, right? But what is a sales funnel? Well, imagine that all of your customers are poured into the big end. These are all the people who come to your site and see your product(s). They go through the funnel, deciding which, if any of your products to buy. Those who end up buying every single one of your products come out at the narrow end of the funnel, thus completing your funnel. Those that don’t buy all the products leave your sales funnel incomplete. That’s a sales funnel in a nutshell.

Now that you know what a sales funnel is, you’re probably wondering whether it’s an important thing for your business. It definitely is, which is why you should create a sales funnel to help turn a profit. But how exactly do you create a sales funnel? That’s something we’re going to delve into here.

For internet marketers, the funnel is an array of products, each which they hope to sell to potential customers at the top of the funnel. Essentially, the goal is for the customers to go through the funnel, and at each stage, buy something. The products are arranged from cheapest to most expensive. The further the customer gets in the funnel, the more expensive products they buy.

A typical sales funnel begins with a free product. This free product entices the customers to go and buy the next up product and the next one etc. A free product may be an eBook, a software program or another internet marketing product. Whatever it is, it’s free and is something pretty much all your potential customers will take advantage of.

The next product in the funnel after the free one should be a very inexpensive product. You may consider a price range of $4.99-$15.99 for it. This product is really responsible for getting things rolling. If your customer ends up buying this product, you can be sure they’ll at least give you one or two more sales, if not go through the whole funnel.

Every product after the first real paid one just increases in price and in quality. You’re building the customers up, conditioning them to keep purchasing the next higher up product. If you do this effectively enough, they’ll go through the complete sales funnel. And that’s what your goal is.

Pharmacy Techs Have Passed the Pharmacy

The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) is the largest pharmacy tech certification organization in the U.S. PTCB announced last fall that 503,620 CPhT certifications had been granted as of June 30, 2013. You must have a high school diploma (or equivalent) and pass the comprehensive Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE) in order to become a PTCB certified pharmacy tech.

The PTCE is recognized in all 50 states (and Washington D.C.), and the PTCE is only pharmacy technician certification exam reviewed by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. You can take the PTCE at any of the 237 Pearson VUE Professional Centers nationwide.

PTCB’s certification program not only assesses current knowledge, it also requires PTs to maintain certification by fulfilling specific continuing education requirements. mua bang dai hoc PTCB-certified pharmacy techs must complete a minimum of 20 hours of continuing education every two (2) year recertification cycle.

Statement from PTCB CEO

“Passing the half-million mark is an exciting milestone in the growth of PTCB’s nationwide certification program,” said PTCB Executive Director and CEO Everett B. McAllister, MPA, RPh. “The PTCB CPhT credential represents an excellent pathway to employment opportunities for pharmacy technicians. It enables them to stay current and be prepared to meet the requirements of the occupation as our healthcare system evolves.”

PTCE Regularly Updated to Reflect Demands of 21st Century Pharmacy Industry

The PTCE is also regularly updated in consultation with the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. Modern pharmacists’ responsibilities today include significantly more direct-patient care and medication therapy management than in the past, and this trend is almost certainly going to increase with the ongoing roll out of health care reform. This means PTCB-certified pharmacy technicians need to have additional training to develop the skills necessary to help pharmacists improve patient care and safety, support new pharmacy IT systems and pharmacy operations.

Pharmacy Technician Training and Licensing

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, most pharmacy tech training programs last from nine to 12 months and lead to a professional certificate. A few PT programs last 18 to 24 months and result in an associate degree. Most community colleges and technical schools offer a pharmacy technician training program, and some larger retail pharmacy chains offer an in-house training program overseen by the American Society of Health System Pharmacists.

PT training programs cover the math used in pharmacies, record keeping, and methods of dispensing medications, as well as pharmacy law and ethics. Training typically focuses in particular on the names, uses and proper doses of common medications. Nearly all pharmacy tech programs also offer at least a few weeks of clinical experience working in a pharmacy after you have satisfactorily completed your initial training.

What Are Aftermarket Car Parts?

After market car parts is a fast growing business in the USA. Many car enthusiasts love to make their car unique and stand out from the crowd by making modifications to the original. Though due to the limited options given by car manufacturers some look elsewhere. That is where aftermarket car parts come in.

When purchasing a new car from an auto dealer, there is something commonly known as “stock” which are the standard options provided by the dealer. These standard stock options include the essential components such as engine, transmission, wheels and also performance part. The stock can also include interior car parts such as lighting. Though many dealer do provide upgrades to a certain extent these are still limited for many car enthusiast, some extras can include alloy wheels, satellite navigation and other extras. Thus many people look elsewhere to truly modify there vehicles.

Some people may purchase aftermarket car parts for safety reasons such as xenon headlight upgrades which provide brighter and whiter light and therefore greater visibility. Other people may just want their cars to look good and have that exclusivity and would purchase styling parts and accessories like body kits and alloy wheels to make their cars stand out from the crowd. For many car enthusiasts purchasing aftermarket parts and modifying their cars is a real pastime and may spend thousands on performance upgrades, interior & exterior styling as well as other cosmetics.

Many car modifications (or mods, as it is often referred) made to a vehicle are made using aftermarket car parts. So what are aftermarket parts? Simply put, aftermarket parts are those which have been made by a company used auto parts other than the original manufacturer of your car. Manufacturers parts are commonly known as Original Equipment Manufacturer. So why buy parts from someone other than that of your car manufacturer? It’s like in any market if a company are making only certain kind of products they may have more knowledge than the original manufacturers therefore they have the ability to provide better and larger range of products such as a company specializing in performance car parts may provide better parts. Aftermarket car parts contain wide range of product types such as light bulbs to air filters and turbo kits and chrome wheels. Some aftermarket parts can be installed by the car’s owner with minimal or no knowledge about cars while other parts may require you to seek a professional to install the part. You should seek advice from a knowledgeable person before purchasing an aftermarket car part.

There are certain criteria which one must be aware of before going out to buy aftermarket car parts. Firstly you need to be aware that installing an aftermarket car part may null your vehicles warranty, if there is any. Therefore, be sure to check your warranty documents before proceeding to install a car part. Secondly ensure you know your car make, model and year as these are the common criteria used to check whether a part is compatible with your car. Finally be sure to check your local laws as installing a certain type of part may be deemed illegal in your area of residence.