Freelance Writers: How to Add Social Media to Your Freelance Writing Business

Are you a struggling writer who is looking to increase their profits? But, it seems like no matter what you do, or no matter how hard you try, you still can’t get a steady client base. Well, what if I told you can increase your writer’s income by not writing at all? Well, now you can, and I’ll tell you my personal story so you can find out how to stop marketing writing services and get more work.

About a year ago, I was marketing my SEO Writing Services. I would go networking, direct mail, direct email, and even go to job boards to get writing work. I was getting some writing projects but not at a steady pace to help me support my lifestyle. I was frustrated. I was doing all the leg work and no response, while all my colleagues were making a killing online. At first, I thought it was my writing skills, but after doing some research, I found out that it certainly wasn’t my writing skills.

How I started to Offer Social Networking Services

The #1 reason why I started offering Social Networking was because everyone was asking for it. I knew about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. In fact, I was already on these sites to get clients for my writing services- little did I know that businesses actually pay people to do the same. So, when I would go out marketing my writing services, I would get questions like: Do you know how to use Facebook & Twitter? Are you familiar with Facebook & Twitter, etc.? I said yes, and the rest was history!

In the beginning, I knew the technical aspects of Social Media, how to set-up a fan page on Facebook, FBML, etc, etc. At first people started cutting me checks for an hour of my time, they wanted to sit down with me so I could show them how to upload a photo, post a comment, add a friend, etc. Shortly after I showed some prospects how to master social media, they realized it would be too much on their plate, so they asked me can I just do it for them. That’s how I got the title Social Media Manager, and the rest is history from there. I know actively manage 7 accounts, and I have 1 part-time employee to help me.


How Can You Start Offering This Lucrative Service

Social Media Manager is one of the most demanded jobs in the world. So many people are jumping on the band wagon and calling themselves Social Experts over night. But, what you must understand is that Social Media is much more than posting a status update; it’s about building relationships. That’s what separates the real from the fake, the ones who understand that Social Media is about building rapport and connection is the ones who are going to make it in the Social Media game. Here are a few pointers of how you can stand out from the crowd:

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