Coaches Manual – The Ultimate Recipe to Making a Great Football Team

Much like cooking a great meal, forming a great football team requires certain ingredients. Talent is obviously one of them but much more than just talent is needed to form a great football team. What I mean is that the ingredients themselves are not that important, rather the amount of each ingredient which makes up the whole package.

It’s pretty obvious that talent is one of the essential ingredients to making a formidable team. It’s not rocket science to understand that if you want to be better than the other team then your players must more talented that those on the other team.

However, if talent is all that’s needed, then all a club has to do is buy 11 superstars (and maybe some more for the bench) and wait for the trophies to come in. Clubs such as Real Madrid and more recently, ข่าวบอล Chelsea have taken that approach.

But unexpectedly, the trophies did not roll in. In fact, despite their firepower, they struggled to match their domestic rivals, in the domestic title race and did not enjoy any luck in the Champions League.

Why did they struggle despite their talent? Did they have the ingredients to make a great football team? Obviously they did not. Which begs the questions, what else is needed apart from talent? My answer to that question is that you need an ego balance.

Too many superstars in a team lead to a dangerously high number of egos. Most coaches, if not all coaches, are incapable of handling so many egos, and for that reason, such teams end up being disjointed and are not the sum of their parts.

Even if such teams do win some trophies, they always tend to underachieve and the team is considered a failure. In addition, in a team with so many superstars, some players have to be benched, which creates tension and conflict in the club which is reflected in the performance of the team on the pitch.

So a great football team requires a limited amount of egos or superstars. In fact, by looking back in history, one will find that the best teams are built around 1 or 2 superstars who provide stern and confident leadership. A fine example is the World Cup winning Argentinean team of 1986 which was
completely led and dominated by Diego Maradona. More recently, Barcelona’s domestic and continental dominance was built around by 2 superstars, Deco and Ronaldinho.

Nevertheless, most recently, Barcelona have acquired more superstars such as Henry and it’s not surprise that they’ve been struggling on the pitch and off the pitch. Tension has also ensued and as a result Deco has already left the club with Ronaldinho looking to go to AC Milan.

The main lesson to be learned is that a great football team is not just about talent but about the amount of egos in a team. ‘Galactico’ teams have never worked, even if it’s tempting for cashed up teams. The idea that a team of champions does not make a champion team could not be truer.

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