5 Simple Steps to Be Your Own Executive Resume Service

A career change particularly in the latter portion of your career can be a very emotional process. You can seem to find yourself in the center of a very uncomfortable and potentially messy scenario and could possibly lose track of what the important goals really are. Many past executives in this circumstance tend to panic and resort to getting a job that pays the bills rather than investigating their best options for the most successful and profitable career outcome.

It may seem a good idea to hire out the writing of your resume, but this might not be the best plan of attack for your executive resume. The following steps outline why hiring an executive resume service may not be the best idea.

– Cost of Hiring Resume Service – Hiring out with a business who writes executive resumes can be a very expensive investment for just a single resume, sometimes up to a few thousand dollars. Each job candidate should consider this cost, particularly in this economy. It is best to consider if this is the best investment for you.

– Keeping Flexibility of Resume – The standard resume that is supposed to fit everyone in all circumstances but this general approach won’t get you the interviews you need to land that powerful executive position. Potential employers wish to understand that you and your background would make a solid fit for their company, and to achieve this you will need to conduct proper research about the company and what you can contribute. To maintain this level of freedom and flexibility, using a paid cookie cutter service may not be the best route to go.

– Maintaining Your Personal Voice – When interviewing and sending prospects resumes, you are always selling yourself and the resume is the hard copy sales tool to convey this sales message about yourself. The resume should sound like it came from you. As an executive with lots of background experience, you should have your creative and personal communication style that needs to be reflected in your resume. Another party who does not know you typically cannot achieve the voice of your resume.

– Assess and Quantify Your Value – Most potential job seekers do not want to address this, but it is critical to demonstrate in hard value to the potential employer. Fight the urge to demonstrate generic abilities. Give yourself the impression of confidence and self value. It is also unlikely that an executive resume service would have enough understanding of your background and personality to accomplish this.


– Interview Questions are Key – Be prepared to answer tough questions in your interview, and likewise, prepare questions tailored specifically for the company you’re interviewing with. Having intimate involvement in creating your resume gives you the opportunity to know it inside and out and develop questions of your own.

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